Tuesday in action, results in sherlock

I woke at a leisurely nine fifteen or so, after having hit the hay at about three or so. I grabbed the USPS drop offs and went for coffee. Do the old drive by at the PO and then hang at my friends glass shop up the street, sipping my drink and talking shit. I really, really like being able to have this kind of morning again. Wake and chill.

I make it into the shop at about eleven. Get the place fired up, it’s a balmy 42 degrees outside, feels like summer. I’ve had the heat running in the shop for days and days straight, if it’s allowed to cool off too much it will have a very, very hard time getting warm. So when it’s very cold the heat has to run non stop. It’s pushing sixty in here now, good for lampworking and for the idea that I might be able to turn off the propane for a few hours today.

I take photos of last night’s sherlock. And then tend to Facebook. I get three necklace auctions up and then it’s about quarter to noon. At ten to one I can write here that I’ve taken photos of the new piece, edited them, posted them to Facebook and started an auction and got the thing promoted. I’ve a new system that I’m going to use for the selling of these pipes. How long it will last and if it will work, I have no idea. Below is the photo and text of the auction, click here to go there.

Sherlock on Facebook auction.
Sherlock on Facebook auction.

ATB SHERLOCK AUCTION: On auction, this “Wisconsin Trade Bead” sherlock.

Additional photos: http://goo.gl/TKrt6z
Open: $250, shipping and fees included
BIN: $500
Ends: 24 hours after the opening bid

This Wisconsin Trade Bead Sherlock was made on December 9th 2013, it is the twelfth in the ATB Sherlock series and measures about 12cm tall and about 11cm wide.

Two piece assembly. White on either green or blue zanfirico, three sections each in the can and stem separated by dark red orange color bands. Blue reball in the can with straight green sections on the top and bottom. Straight green section in the stem with blue reballs on the top and bottom; mouthpiece shaped to a lentil like form.

I’m looking for a recipie that is entertaining and effective and I can feel myself getting closer. I’ve come ot the conclusion that there are many, many possible sherlock shapes (obviously, I know) and that really what I need to do is learn to pick my battles. I’m going with this tight straight up look that I see as the “Batchrem” (sp?) style.

I’ve growing confidence in the assembly process and can now almost understand what’s needed in prep shape and proportion which I’m hoping improves the pieces in the short term pretty drastically; knowing what I’m doing will sure help and that’s not too far off.

Other than overall shape and composition, and the whole weld thing, my main issue it time. I’ve got and honest six hours in this not including making the cane. So, call it seven hours. Lol. I’m going to price this thing at living wage and I’m concerned that this will hamper success. Only time will tell.

Looking forward to what comes next.

So, ah, yeah . . . . . will the above work? I have no idea but it’s the honest, functional rout. If that works, then great. If not, beads. Lol.

By about quarter after one I’ve worked my way though the pack and ship for the Food Program, Facebook and Etsy. There is nothing. Lol. I run numbers and look around for big time issues. There is nothing. I talk with a long time bead customer on the phone and there is disgruntlement. She wants more product at a better price, I tell her she can expect less product and higher prices as this is the nature of change my business will undergo post Konnie. She is not pleased. I have nothing to offer her except additional details that cause additional stress. It’s about twenty to one and I need food, maybe a nap. Lol.

I set about soup, piano and cookie dough stopping mid surgery spoonful to a text from ISGB: I’m late for my 2:30 conference call.

Well, it’s full on four twenty in the morning.

My conference call thingy went well. Basically, I just listened and tried to not make a mess of things and right at the end, for good measure, added that I’m prepared to spend money. People like that. Ah, so corporate. Subject, FYI, the ATB/ISGB Design Scholarship. Things progress. This is good. I don’t really have to do anything except pay for it. Which is also nice.

The call wasn’t that long, forty five minutes at the most, at some point there was a bowl of cookie dough, some piano and a nap. I work up a little after five came into the shop and made up part for filigrano prep. Then it was time for my weekly Beer and Jesus meeting at the Pump House here in town, which is normally pretty boss, but I got there, there was no one, I could have waited but opted for coffee, two packs of smokes and back to the studio.

I had this long-winded hippie bullshit conversation with a long lost lampworking brother in arms and was torch on at eight. And now it’s almost four thirty. And there’s a sherlock in the kiln.

The filigrano I made for reticello, white and lapis. But i got the idea to make two preps from my cane, bad idea, and ended up with some very low detail parts. But what ever.

I used some of the blue filigrano with which chino in a decent sized stick stack, backed it and the reticello with grey and assembled them with that orange red prep stuff I had left over from yesterday. I was a little worried there for a bit when I saw the reti, I was not impressed, but I think it turned out pretty dam cool looking. The weld maneuvering for sure is way improved. I am learning.

Oh, yeah, and before I say what a great day this was in the shop, I’ll add that earlier in the day I spoke my a friend from Boulder who reports that Ms. Konnie Smart was in his studio working yesterday!!!! Which is great news.

And today was a great day. Snacks. Naps. Sherlock.

It’s a whole new world.

Ah . . . kiln shot.
Ah . . . kiln shot.

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